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[02 Apr 2005|01:47am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i've had such a good day today! i didnt wake up til after 3 which kinda screwed my whole going to my 10am lectures but o well! i stared reading my new book, rainbow valley today..is ace! everything is so cute and 'old'! they talk about the 'stars being like a thousand fairies dancing in the sky' and everyone has a lot of 'spunk' and saying 'darn' is unheard off! its so cute!

i then ate a good 'breakfast' of maltesers and minstrels

all the while listening to sunny day real estate and mae which made me happy!

then sarah, sweety_faerycame round and we did nothing spectaular but it was still so sweet to just hang out. 
we looked at pictures of puppies and she decided these were her favourites:

i liked:

when i grow big, thats what i want! or one of these pretty kitten things

its so cute! like having your own teeny tiny leopard!

then we perved over angelina for a while


i say 'we', i mean i!

oh, and i've had my hair cut! pretty!

k, im sleepy now !

love and stars

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think happy thoughts.. [31 Mar 2005|03:26am]
[ mood | dorky ]

i've had such an awesome weekend! the gig on friday was so amazing i still cant get over it. my chemical romance were so good and when they played headfirst for halos i got really excited! and then tbs were just great. fair enough adam tried to strangle himself a few times with his party trick of swinging the mike around his neck... dont try at home kids..but still! so so good. and he had pink hair. hot as. even the boys with me would have done him given the chance! and i bought the cutest pink tbs t shirt. after the gig the boys and me drove around looking for a kfc but had to settle for a mcdonalds..which said it was 24 hours but only the drive thru bit was open. still..mcnuggets at midnight held some magick for me even if the boys were sulking over missing out on some family bucket or whatever.
saturday i went home and to davids birthday party where i met some ace people and saw some pyscho called simon dance like a smurf on crack..best bit was when he sat down after embarassing himself in front of everyone and said, i kid u not, 'that would have cost £120 in a club'
yeah right mate
sunday i stayed in bed for aaaaages and then watched good (bad?!) sunday tv with my baby sis, eating m+m cookies and talking bout nothing in particular.
then my mama brought me home to uni where i was then made to go see creep. which is the most horrible film ive seen in ages. if babies in jars, dogs in birdcages, pyschos with swords and a surgeon fixation rocks ur world then go see it. if not, stay home.. or see it with ur hands covering ur eyes like i did. it was so gross! the first half was scary as which i could handle, but then it just got gory and manky and cos it never explains itself u end up filling in the gaps urself which isnt nice!
tomorrow i have an exam which should be oh so exciting. then i want to sleep forever. or at least a long long time!

love and stars!!


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are you so strong, or just the weakness in me? [27 Mar 2005|05:24pm]
[ mood | intimidated ]

im listening to music as loud as i possibly can. i have turned everything up as loud as it goes, have opened the doors and windows and when i walked to the other end of the corridor i could still hear it. perfect.

i feel like im going insane, and this is the only way of not having to listen to myself. sarah and i got a bit wasted. and when i say wasted i mean so drunk that i fell through the bathroom door thinking i was leaning on the wall. obviously i wasnt, as the bruises up and down my body will tell you. not that you'll be able to see them cos im covered in writing. tyler and i drew on eachother so i have tbs lyrics, hearts and 3 squares all over me. plus he coloured in my tattoos which looks nice..or would have done if the stupid boy could keep within the lines! i also have 'right arm' written on my left arm...still i wrote ace on his neck and drew a giraffe and a snail on his arms so its even i guess.

i didnt go to my lectures today which is the worst thing ever as i havent really been since i got back to uni. i missed my seminar as well which i will get killed for seeings as i missed last weeks. i also havent finished my politics essay which was due in for oh, 2 weeks ago. great. well done me, not.

fi and i were talking about boys earlier and how everything gets messy and confusing. i thought having a boyfriend would make u feel all secure and loved and cute with every bit of your lives tied up in eachothers, with little things being done to benefit the other. where everything reminds you of them, and you cant sleep when they arent holding you. i'm not sleeping, whatever the reason. it feels like i have no control over myself anymore, like im powerless and cant think for myself.

i have to start working, i'm doing nothing and its so bad. i really wanna see my mama.


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my world is gone [26 Mar 2005|12:23am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i've done nothing tonight and yet its been amazing. i spoke to dave for 2 hours and that was so good. and i am so looking forward to the taking back sunday/my chemical romance gig on friday!!

i miss the boy too much so im going up on tuesday. i can either stay til friday or sunday..im going to miss lectures either way but to be honest i dont care. im also going up again for the whole of reading week so thats 10 whole shiny days with him!

im hoping he'll say yes to watching the whole of season 2 O.C. in bed. and then all the other good films her has on his computer. and then we can eat 99p pizza and drink cherry coke and eat cherry ice cream. yum. and read owly in bed. its too cute, i want to be there now!

im having my hair cut tomorrow..will look hot as!


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[25 Mar 2005|08:55am]
[ mood | amused ]

stupid livejournal. for some reason i posted an entry saying it was march and now it wont let me post entries unless they say march!! crazy stupid thing. oh well, it looks like im all prophetic or something..


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give me something to sing about [25 Mar 2005|08:54am]
[ mood | cold ]

i dont like being up this early. im in a good mood, but the sensible part of me is still going 'wha..we should be in bed'
the reason for me up-ness? im going to a lecture. scary stuff. i havent been to this lecture in forever. i think i went once actually. so why am i going today? cos i have a bloody assessment next monday that i just found out about and which counts for 25% of my module mark. great. just great.
its not too bad though cos catherine is coming with me so at least ill have someone's shoulder to sleep on.

birmingham was ace. i loved it so much. because of the shops, not the boy!
tho its mainly cos of the boy
i want to go back again, im like addicted or something. all those shops and places to go and things to do! the train station is bigger than my uni! and pizza is 99p!

our house is sorted out now and its so pretty! it has a new kitchen and bathroom and the living room has a new floor. plus the price includes broadband and the phone and a cleaner and gardener. its £375 a month which is about average here but still so expensive! does anyone else think thats expensive?!

i love caroline..on her itunes she has the buffy 'once more with feeling' soundtrack.

theres nothing we cant face..except for bunnies. its too good!

k im going to go learn about spss...thrilling im sure it will be..


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and there's one thing i can do nothing about.. [19 Mar 2005|08:40am]
[ mood | perfect ]

why yes it is 8.40am and im awake. how strange.

the reason is that im going to brighton! road trip! pissed off i dont have my camera but ok ill deal. i may go borrow loz's tho cos lets face it..brighton will be funny!
i am feeling so good this morning. ok sure i was a lil like what the hell when i first woke up at 8am..its dark and not even the birds were up so my body kinda hated me but then i got it into a shower and fed it yummy cereal and a satsuma and now its ready to go. ok when did i start talking about my body like third person? anyways..brighton!!

so annoying sorting out houses for next year, there are too many people for it to work unless we can find some massive house!

im going to birmingham on friday, so so excited. i miss the boy like crazy and plus i want to watch garden state and the second series of the oc in bed with him! slightly illegal to own those both im sure.

love and stars!


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can't take my mind off of you.. [13 Mar 2005|12:49pm]
[ mood | weird ]

i got two parcels today! i love it when that happens. i went shopping with sarah yesterday, i spent too much money but i love everything i bought so its all ok..ish. i bought: a green dress which is wrap around and which i am wearing now with my jeans. i got 2 zip up tops with kinda ruching on the front that makes me look tres slim! so that explains why i bought 2 and not just 1. i got a tshirt with butterflies on it that is so pretty, and has a wierd neckline that is kinda wide and has crossover things. cant explain it, but tis gorgeous! then i got a polo shirt thing, two tops from miss slefridge that are like brown and simple but when worn together look adorable. also some new jeans that are ace cos they make me look amazing, thank you topshop. some sparkly black shoes, loads of socks and knickers from the mecca that is primark. a red open front top that i adore, and 6 cds. i also bought 2 cds of deep elm, 2 off amazon and 1 off ebay. so i dont think i need any more music for a while. oh and crouching tiger hidden dragon on dvd because it was £5! and a belt, and a really long necklace and a massive purple ring. o and a donald duck tshirt and some grey and green trousers. then sarah and i came home and loz picked us up from the station where sarah made me sort out all my clothes and throw loads away so now my clothes dont have to live on the floor as there is enough space for them all in the wardrobes! she implemented a system where all the clothes i wear most often are in the wardrobe near my bed and then the wardrobe in the other room is for clothes i dont wear very often and for coats! all my shoes are neatly arranged, and bags and scarves and belts are hung up tidily..the woman was possessed.
after that i had to finish my essay..i had 6000 words written but only needed 2000 so i had to cut loads and now i think its crap but at least its done. i missed both my lectures today which sucks, but i am definitely going in for my seminar.
this weekend dave is coming to stay, yay! and then my mama is coming to see my lip. my dad has calmed down a lil bit i think. it looks so nice at the moment cos the swelling has gone down and it has stopped hurting. i bought some lip rings to put it when i can change it.
o and my fucking belly button..ive had it pierced since i was 12 and yet leaving it out for 10 days madei t almost close up! it killed trying to put a bar back in it. not fun.
tonight i have to write my politics essay and then sarah is coming round again.
i saw house of flying daggers the other day, its so beautiful. i was crying for so much of it and i have no idea why! i was just sat there thinking about how sad it was and how tangled love can be. and it didnt even have a happy hollywood ending! im so hungry now, may have to go eat.
ive also seen lemony snicket and the aviator recently. the aviator was amazing but gwen stefani, bless her, was in it for like a second and yet all the press stuff ive read about it goes on about her.
next week im going to sleep soo much, and then go see J on friday til sunday. he can show me the wonders of birmingham.. shouldnt take too long!

love and stars


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for lynsey.. [15 Dec 2004|01:33pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

this is for lynsey, i love u doll!

yummy..Collapse )

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if it doesnt matter now then it never really did [14 Dec 2004|04:00pm]
[ mood | blah ]

im sleepy
im going home tomorrow which is both good and bad
im going to miss my uni family so so much. loz, dave, james, ed, fi, emily, ethne, hugo, seun, everyone.
i miss my home people so much tho..esp lyns and kace and gabby and dave
i have eaten all the chocolate in my advent calanders. bad me.
tommorow about 20 of us are having a big christmas lunch and im in charge of decorations. glitter a-go-go
i feel lonely for no reason that i can think off
i have managed to get people addicted to the o.c. we have started watching the 2nd series cos ed loves it as much as i do and has all the episodes downloaded.
i still cant believe stacie is engaged.
and has a ring i actually like rather than some crazy looking thing i thought david would buy her
i havent eaten yet today and im hungry
im listening to against me!
im drinking ribena from a im no mug mug cos we didnt have any other clean cups
i have officially crossed over to the dark side when it comes to being obsessed with adam brody.
i am wearing a duvet cos i havent got dressed yet
it makes me happy and sad that no one wants me to leave tomorrow
sad because i have to
happy because part of me doesnt want to
i miss the kiss
i want to listen to the spice girls
loads of my stuff is still in loz's car from when we went to wales
i cant believe we went to wales
next road trips will include: scotland, isle of wight (sp?) and walking into an airport and getting on the cheapest flight to anywhere
i cant believe i am passing my course. well.
i cant believe im doing well at a politics course
i hate that i enjoy reading the guardian
i am already planning a shopping trip in january when my loan comes through! things i want include a beaded cape, pink cowboy boots and an emily strange belt
i miss you all the time, even when i try not to
my new favourite food is chocolate hob nobs
i want it to be christmas
its wierd that i have a little sister and brother now. and that i love them so much
i have missed all my lectures this week and will miss thursdays and fridays as well
my skin smells like umi vanilla and cardamom body souffle. yum
there is glitter all over the foor from when i was making cards
im so tired even though ive only been awake for 2 hours


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